Paint and damp coat

If yours external walls is finished with standard render  should think about securing itfrom the weather. We all know that the greatest damage to the plaster caused by rain and frost causing mechanical damage to the plaster. We have the perfect way for that.

DIYhomeSOS offers painting the external walls of the building using
hybrid paint with nanotechnology

About paint:

2 in 1 – paint and damp coat 

Hybrid paint high elasticity, perfect vapour permeability, low absorptiveness, and resistance to abrasion.

Vapour permeable – Creates micro-porous structure, providing free transport of water vapour.

Elastic – high resistance to cracks and scratches

Pearl effect – water absorb-ability reduced to the minimum

Protected by MYCO BARRIER system – contains biocides limiting the development of fungi and algae on the surface of the paint.

“Self-cleaning” – dirt and dust are washed down by the rainfall.

Paint available in 695 colours and clear coat.

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