Crown Coving

  To decoration Your home we offer moulding from the Crown Coving company.

With Crown moulding anyone can achieve professional results.
No nails or heavy power tools required. 
Perfectly easy do-it-yourself project. Goes up in minutes.
Pre cut corners make installation easy!

 What to do here a completely new development in the UK market.Gypsum, limestone, wood and polyurethane have been the preferred materials for decorative interior. Skin-Tec ™ paves the way for the use of lighter materials, but without making compromises in quality. 
Crown moulding is the first company to Skin-Tec ™ in the field of moulding begins. By means of a defined Crown moulding and its technology partners tooling strategy will trim foam into shapes and also covered with a smooth skin. The skin was taken from the modern technology of vehicles and the security technologist. The skin is the product of the necessary (shock) resistance.The foam layer beneath the skin brings the security and the additional desired weight reduction. Examples are integrated automobile bumpers and bicycle helmets. Materials for this are expanded polystyrene. This corresponds to the latest government regulations (Fire safety regulations B1 - DIN 4102) and can therefore be used in public buildings.
The benefits of Skin-Tec ™ 

  • Do the smooth surface of polyurethane mouldings, but with significantly less weight 
  • Do with less weight, a high degree of stability can, 
  • If the local conditions and the prior are processed with fine sand paper - place chosen processing method necessary. In PU-strips as well as in polystyrene extruded mouldings through this process, the surface is destroyed and remains at the subsequent coat of paint always visible as such. 
  • Significantly increased fire protection in comparison to many conventional extruded bars, 
  • Significant price advantage compared to PU afford better price / listing ratio compared to extruded mouldings.
  • very solid and paint-able products, not like others company polystyrene products

 Examples Crown moulding you can find in our gallery.

 Installing Coving

Making so simple Crown Moulding a part of your home requires only a few simple, low-cost materials and a few simple steps.
All you have to do is run 2 beads of Caulking along the back side of the foam moulding and push it into place where the ceiling and the wall meet.  You don't have to stand there and hold it.  Once you push the moulding into place it is there for good.  

 Step 1:

Tools You Will Need

  • Miter Box and Saw
  • Caulking
  • Tape Measure
  • Ladder

 Step 2: 

Cut Edges to Fit the Room

Use a miter box and simple hand saw. Power tools may also be used if available.

 Step 3: 

Apply Caulk for Secure Adhesion

Add a bead of caulk to the molding to ensure secure placement. Do not over do it – the caulk is strong and needs only a single bead for full adhesion.

 Step 4:

Remove Excess Caulk

Simply wipe away excess caulk with a damp cloth.

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